ImPerfectly Planned

I love a good planner, although really I just love the idea of a good planner. The possibility of all I could accomplish, nothing forgotten, all in one place, beautiful, colorful, neat, and organized. Most of these I am not, I am to some degree unorganized and forgetful and I wish I wasn’t.

I frequently see women posting or blogging about their search for the ever-elusive perfect planner. Apparently we spend a small fortune on a sort of holy grail quest for perfection. Because, after all, the root belief of this quest is that if we just had the right system then we could accomplish it all, be everywhere, fill every demand, answer all the questions, solve all of the problems. We would not be deemed guilty of neglecting our career, our families, our spouses/partners, or ourselves. And of course the genius that is that businesses know this and fill shelves with all kinds of systems and accessories in addition to offering classes on how to bullet journal, organize, and so on and so on…to capitalize on this idea that we are not enough and that we must do more, be more, and have it all under control.

What would happen if we let go of that delusion and recognized that for the most part we are all doing pretty okay?

Yes we forget things, miss things, run late, etc. but usually the world doesn’t end when that happens. It is frustrating when it happens but mistakes happen, no one is perfect. I see a number of kids who are perfectionists and parents want them to know it is okay to not be perfect…..but we as parents are constantly modeling this non-stop, exhausting quest for our own perfection.

Model for your children, your family, your spouse, co-workers, friends that mistakes happen and that is okay, the world won’t end and your value in this world is not less. Do your best, own your mistakes, allow yourself to be disappointed or frustrated by the delay or extra trip.

Remember, you are doing the best you can in this harried, over-scheduled, on demand environment that we live in right now.

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