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At the end of December Christy asked about intentions for the new year. The previous year this idea of intention had a sense of whimsy to it but this year things are very different. Our world is a little darker, a little more ominous and there is definitely more uncertainty about the future. It feels very overwhelming. My upbringing, my educations, my career, my life is shaped around helping others. My goal in this life is to nurture people’s compassion- compassion for self and others. So for this year that is my intention to nurture compassion and with that in mind over the next few months (hopefully all 12) I plan to offer ideas about how to show compassion to ourselves and to others. My partners, who are awesome, have agreed to join me in this compassion project and we have some great ideas of how we can bring a little more compassion, hope, and love into the world. Please join us when you can and share with us what you discover. We love hearing everyone’s stories and experiences.

For January we are focusing on warmth. For knitters, crocheters, and seamstresses please consider making a hat for either:hat

  1. Someone who is going through chemotherapy treatments
  2. Pre-mature infants
  3. Homeless men and women
  4. Children living in poverty
  5. Active Military and Veterans
  6. Senior Citizens

I am including a list of links of places where you can donate your items as well as find out specifics for each group (there are guidelines regarding yarn choices, patterns, and embellishments for groups in #1,3, and 5). For those who want to get involved you can make a hat, sponsor a hat, donate money, or donate a store bought hat. Don’t forget to post pictures of your handiwork and where you plan to send it!

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