Tweens & Teens

Adolescence is a time of profound self exploration and growth, as well as complex shifts in roles and responsibilities.  While teenagers are beginning to explore their own identities, they are faced with changing peer and family relationships, increased personal responsibility, and academic pressures.  These can easily become overwhelming for emerging young adults.  We will focus on relaxation tools to help manage stress and emotions.  We will explore the major changes of adolescence, such as changing roles, self exploration and identity formation, and increased independence.

During these transitions, our goals are to help adolescents:

  • Increase self confidence in managing challenging emotions
  • Boost self esteem
  • Explore various methods of self expression
  • Develop positive coping skills to manage stress

Authentic Me

Soaring Through Adolescence, Ages 11 to 15

Adolescence is all about discovering “who am I; who do I want to be.”  Granted this journey lasts way into adulthood, but this is where it starts.  During our 6-week class we will guide adolescents to better understand who they are, what works for them, and what needs to be different.  We will also work on developing confidence in who we are, good and bad, and learning to tolerate uncomfortable situations. By offering a safe space to explore self-expression through movement and art, we will acknowledge the challenges teenage girls face and bring awareness to coping strategies.   Contact if interested in future dates.


Finding Your Song, Ages 13 to 16

In this 2-hour workshop for teenage girls, we will complete a gentle yoga series to guide awareness to the mind-body connection to help us feel settled and calm.  We will use art as a method of strengthening and expressing our own unique voices, again engaging our connections between mind and body to share our unique identities and perspectives with the world.  Email for more information.

Stretching Our Wings, Ages 9 to 13bird-320541_640

This series for emerging adolescents will address the increased stressors facing this population, including an ever growing rate of anxiety due to social pressures to fit in, identity development, and navigating independence from family while also maintaining strong connections.  During this summer offering, we will use the time of rejuvenation and slowing down to learn how to incorporate relaxation skills into our everyday lives and use outlets such as art and movement to help manage the stresses of growing up in today’s fast paced world.

Learning to Fly Together, Parents & Teens

This class brings teens and their parents together to work on new understandings of roles, relationships, trust, and boundaries.  How parents can help support their teens in transitioning to independence and give teens a way to communicate their experiences with their parents.  The yoga portion will focus on building strength, working together, and slowing down.  Our mindfulness section will focus on finding your wise mind, expressing emotion and thought, hearing each other’s words,  and conflict resolution.  Our art time will further what it is like to work together while supporting one another in exploration of ideas and communicating different opinions.  Email for more information.

Getting Ready for Departure, Juniors & Seniors

A special spring offering for juniors and seniors to help them prepare for what lies ahead, whether they are getting ready to fill out college applications or gearing up for graduation.  We will use yoga to help them find their center, learn to move with the flow of their breath, how to learn what they need and how to take care of themselves.  During our mindfulness discussion, we’ll continue the ideas of finding our wise mind, learning to determine what is helpful and what is hurtful in our lives, coping with the many changes that will occur, understanding how their brain works and what works best for them.  Our art exploration will allow students to further contemplate their hopes, ideas, and goals for their future.  We will also use this time to encourage exploration and building self-confidence and self-trust.  Email for more information.