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Parent & Child Classes

We are well aware of the immense amount of physical Photo Jan 24, 9 40 05 AMand intellectual development that occurs during the first few years of life. The major milestones generally are thought to include walking, talking, potty training, learning to count and beginning to read and write. Another key aspect of development in the first few years is social-emotional development. These skills include identifying emotions within the self and within others, learning empathy and compassion for others, and learning what to do when experiencing these big emotions. These can be challenging skills for kids and their parents to navigate.

By focusing on age appropriate skills in a fun way, our parent/child classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers introduce concepts such as emotional awareness and calming down our bodies. When parents feel confident in using these skills, they can help their children deal with the big transitions that occur in these first few years of life. Developing these skills at an early age can provide children with greater opportunity for emotional, behavioral and academic success in later years.

Our goals are to help children and their parents:
  • Expand emotional vocabulary and emotional awareness
  • Effectively use calm down skills
  • Identify appropriate behaviors to use when upset
  • Deepen understanding of how emotions feel in the body

Learning to Fly

WP_20150131_001Love the idea of exploring art with your toddler? But hesitate at the image of the mess it will inevitably entail? Join us for a 45 minute class with yoga and art focusing on parent interaction and PLAY! Offering a space for parents to engage with their toddlers in exploring a variety of art materials, encouraging sensory experiences and developing fine motor skills.


Freedom to Fly: Outdoor Program for Ages 3 to 5

We are taking our class format to the trees!  During this outdoor adventure, we will spend time exploring our surroundings by walking, running, climbing, stretching, listening, and watching.  We will explore what it feels like to be a snake slithering through the grass, a bear walking through the forest, a bird sitting in a tree, or horse running across a pasture.  We will create and experiment with different art materials and techniques, all inspired by our surroundings.

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This class will meet a a local farm.  With a minimum of 3 adults at all times, our class size is limited to 9 kids.  *Kids will need to bring a snack and water.   We will be outside rain or shine, except in extreme weather conditions.  Please email if interested.