Whether we are brand new to parenting or have been raising a family for years, it can sometimes be challenging to connect and focus on our relationships with each other.  Family relationships are crucial for the development of healthy self images, positive coping skills and appropriate peer relationships.  Many studies have shown the benefits that positive family interactions have in reducing mental health and behavioral issues in children.  Our classes for families and parents are designed to help families strengthen their connections through developmentally informed activities and exercises.  We offer classes for families spanning a wide range of age groups, including those preparing to welcome home new babies, those with new babies, and those raising tweens/teens.

These classes are designed to help take some of the guess work out of connecting with each other by:

  • Increasing understanding of developmental stages of children
  • Improving communication
  • Deepening connections and bonding
  • Strengthening self-efficacy and confidence for parents

Nurturing Nestlings: For Infants and Their Parentsbaby-729365_640

This workshop, for moms who have recently given birth or adopted a child, will explore how to navigate the joyful and challenging experiences of having a new baby.  We’ll practice some mom and baby yoga that focuses on bonding as well as strengthening and recovering.  We’ll introduce some mindfulness skills that will focus on grounding, letting go of fantasy and expectation and being okay with reality.  Email hellosky@takingflightcenter.com if interested.

Strengthening Our Wings Together: Mother & Daughter Class, Ages 8 to 15

birds-216412_640In today’s world there are many challenging obstacles that we all face, especially our maturing daughters.  This group is based on strengthening the relationship between a mother and her daughter(s) through means of support, guidance, and sharing hopes.  Join us for this 6-week course where we will focus on specific topics, open discussions, and art activities that will allow the strengthening of the wings between the mother/daughter bond that will leave you soaring to a stronger relationship.  Email hellosky@takingflightcenter.com if interested.

Building Your Nest: For Expecting ParentsStorks

An offering to expecting parents that would be an extension of child birthing classes, with a focus on prenatal yoga sequences, using mindfulness to stay present in the moment during pregnancy as well as thinking ahead and using art journaling as a way to prepare for the emotions that come with parenting.

Building Your Nest: For Expecting Parents Waiting to Adopt

Moving through the adoption system is tricky, exciting, exhausting, to say it is a roller coaster ride would be an understatement.  This class will support those working on adoption using gentle yoga sequences and focusing on connecting to the present.  This concept will flow through the entire class as we use mindfulness to help find our breath and catch our brains when they take off like a freight train.  In the concluding art section, we will explore different approaches to carry out an idea and what that feels like, along with learning how to let go of expectations and worry.