Art with Alisha

Drawing & Painting Classes

with a focus on the process, my students will learn and create through:

Exploration & PracticeWP_20150207_023
As we get to know each other, we will spend time exploring a variety of media including (but not limited to!) acrylic and watercolor paint, ink, different scales of pencils, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels. We will spend time learning the differences in these materials and discuss how there are different approaches to create the same subject.

We will begin each class in our personal sketchbooks and discuss how drawing (as are many things) take practice. We will practice “being ok” with what emerges in our sketchbook as we utilize this space to explore techniques without an eraser.

Art History
We will take a closer look at the artwork of artists past and present to learn more about their processes and consider how they approach proportions and perspectives.

Distractions and Proportions
Drawing or painting what we see is all about how we look at our subject. What is around our image can either aid or distract us. We’ll explore tools to remove the “distractions” that may be clouding the image we want to focus on.

Proportions are not easy to get accurate (for any artist!) so we will learn what can aid us in keeping things “in proportion.”

Taking a Closer Look
Details can be daunting and seem impossible. We’ll learn techniques for approaching the details in an image that can lessen what overwhelms us. We will use our curiosity to notice what may have been overlooked and learn how to look at what is making up the image: the lines, the shapes, the shading.

Practicing Mindfulness with Art
Creating art is just one way to remain present. Whether you’re drawing or painting from observation or just “doodling,” you are learning skills that can keep you grounded. When you learn how to practice making art in a way that focuses on the process (not the outcome), then you are able to stop worrying about the past or the future as you focus only on what you are creating in the present. In this way, art is a useful coping skill when we are stressed or overwhelmed.


Expressing your Voice through Art, Ages 12 to 14

As teenagers begin to explore and discover their own identities, it can be challenging to express their thoughts and experiences to themselves and others.  This 6-week art class offers a safe place for teenage girls to explore how to visually communicate who they are and what is important to them through the process of creating art.  Email for information.

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Follow that Line: Drawing

In this 4-week drawing course, we will develop our use of lines in creating what we see in the world around us.  We will experiment with graphite, charcoal, & ink.  Email for information.


Follow that Rainbow: Painting

We’ll spend 4 weeks dabbing our paintbrushes into the shades and hues of the color wheel as we begin to explore the possibilities of paint.  Email for information.