What happens when we don’t take time for self care?  We may become irritable with our families, have difficulty focusing, become forgetful, struggle with getting adequate sleep, and we may even suffer physically.  If you are feeling consistently overwhelmed by the amount of things on your “to do list” and struggling with any of these symptoms, it may be an indication that you aren’t making self care a priority.

Adults often find themselves stretched thin between work obligations and family and forget to include time for self care.  The aim of our adult offerings is to encourage adults to take time to focus on themselves through the use of calming yoga and other relaxation skills.  We use are as a method for self exploration and expression, focusing on the process rather than the product.  We explore ways to reduce stress and increase our sense of relaxation throughout our daily lives.  We encourage the development of self-compassion and self acceptance.

abstract-1168134_640Growing Our Garden, Adult Workshop

The metaphor of our well-being as a garden that we must tend to and care for sets the stage for this workshop for adults.  We will explore the themes of self-care and personal development through the use of introspective and relaxing yoga and art.

Email if interested.

Ladies Night!

Learn some fun and relaxing self care skills amongst good company at a casual, come as you are, environment. No experience with either yoga or art is necessary!

We will relax with yoga, practice a bit of mindfulness, and play with some art techniques that will inspire your imagination as you create your own original artwork.

This is a great opportunity for self care and fun!  You will leave relaxed and rejuvenated with your own unique piece of artwork.  What better way to enjoy an evening than with friends, in yoga (aka comfy) pants, learning fun ways to relax?  $40/ person  Minimum of 6 registrants needed. buddha-753016_640

Email for scheduling information.


Finding Our Migratory Patterns: What Works & Doesn’t Work for Us in Our Current Life

As we age we evolve and shift, we discover that what we are doing isn’t working for us anymore: we want more, less, different, a new way to balance, a new perspective but we know something needs an adjustment or a closer look.  Over the course of this series we will flow into yoga poses that require focus and introspection into how we are aligned, how we move, and how it feels to be in that place for that moment.  Carrying that over we will build our mindfulness to our surroundings and how to stay present in a world that demands we always be moving forward.  How we can slow our brains and bodies down long enough to appreciate where we are and take full stock of what we have, want, need.  We will create art journals as a way to think about these questions and challenge ourselves to try new things even when are brains says “you can’t do that!”  Email for more information.


Flying a Different Path: Coping with Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

A special series to help women find recovery through gentle and restorative yoga sequences, and using mindfulness to stay present while feeling trauma and strong emotions.  The art portion will allow a safe place to explore, confront, let go of expectations and feelings. This is a come where you are class, there are no expectations- this is to offer a place of support during what can be a difficult time of year.  Email for more information.