Alisha Munda

Art Instructor/”Artist-in-Residence”

I came to Pennsylvania to finish my Bachelors of Art at Penn State University.  I received my BA in Art History May 2011.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about art: learning it, creating it, sharing it  I have experience in a variety of materials from graphite and ink to clay to watercolor and acrylic paints.  I have a passion for collage and consider myself a mixed-media artist as it gives me freedom to experiment and combine materials and skills.  I’ve exhibited my artwork locally in connection with Cultural Conversations and the juried art exhibit at the Hub-Robeson Gallery during the Central PA Arts Festival.

The process of creating art has always been extremely important to me.  I started teaching art to children in 2013 which reminded me how much joy there is in helping children explore self-expression through art-making.  I began to dream and explore options in opening a studio for children: a safe place where children can learn and explore with materials and their own intuitions.

Working with Rachel and Christy on Taking Flight, my dream is becoming reality as I expand my goal to helping children and adults learn how art can be healing and an outlet during difficult times.

Business Manager

While starting this new center with Rachel and Christy, I’ve continued providing administrative assistance to the child psychologists at MidStep.  I’ve been providing a range of clerical services in specialist offices since 2003 and have learned many skills from bookkeeping and billing to web design and marketing.  I have a strong interest in helping providers run their practices so they can focus on their clinical work.

About Me

When I’m not in the office or my studio, I’m chasing after a couple of 4-year olds: Connor, my son, and Rothko, my black labrador.   During those few moments when we’re not creating art or music or just dancing and laughing together, I’m pouring over books for knowledge and inspiration.

I moved here from the Arizona desert in 2008 and have enjoyed getting to know the State College community (and the four seasons!)  I look forward to becoming more involved with the community as we develop our programs for all ages.

You can contact me at