Welcome to Our Nest!


Our Mission

To introduce children, families and adults to a deeper understanding of how their brains work and then interact not only with their bodies and emotions but also with the outside world.  

We use techniques from yoga, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral theory, developmental psychology, and art to learn how we process, how we get along, how we feel, and what to do with all of those feeling.
Our goal is to provide a safe and educational environment where everyone is guided to new understanding of what it means to be connected, be grounded, be present.


Each class starts with yoga.  Our yoga practice is meant to be a fun introduction to learning a new skill that helps people cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and building attention.

Yoga is mindfulness in motion.

The goal is to keep your brain where your feet are.  To stay present in that moment and notice what it feels like to stretch, expand, or contract.  Yoga helps us to start letting go of all the things that came before and frees our brain from worrying about what might be.  For those minutes we are on the mat, our brain is focused on the movement and the breath.

The hope of any yoga class is that once you roll up your mat your brain is cleared, your body is freed from tension and you are ready to get back in the game.


We live in a noisy, pressured world where we are driven to perform and succeed.  We are inundated with news from across the country and around the world.  Our phones go with us everywhere constantly letting us know everything.  And this is exhausting.  Our brains get stressed and that impacts our emotions, our bodies, and our behavior.

With mindfulness, we actively try to counteract the scattering of our attention across people, time, and events.

No more multi-tasking.  Mindfulness calls your attention to your breathe and brings you back to where your feet are in that moment.  It helps us become more present in interactions, helps us really hear what people are telling us and helps us slow down enough so we can respond instead of react to situations.  Whether we are trying to get a child to put their shoes on, get homework done, dealing with friends who are not being nice, losing a favored toy, mindfulness helps connect to our feeling and allow the feeling to be expressed safely and dealt with in that moment.


The art portion of each class is tailored to expand the mindfulness theme of each class.

Art can be a powerful tool to practice mindfulness by letting go of the outcome and focusing on the journey.

We offer a variety of techniques from crafting to fine art, with an emphasis on the process, rather than the product.  It’s not only therapeutic, but it promotes the creative thinking skills that we need to navigate successfully through life.  The opportunity to safely and creatively explore our thoughts and emotions allows us to problem solve through experiences we may find difficult in our lives.

The goal is to provide our students with the tools and skills they can take with them into the world.  Creating artwork offers not only an additional way to learn the skill, but also provides another way for students to express themselves when they struggle with the words.  We encourage sharing and discussion of our experiences through the process and the outcome.  It’s a safe space to explore and support each other.

We bring these three components together to offer a unique experience for children, families and adults to gain skills that will help them navigate through their lives, their relationships, and this world we live in.